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~Featured Product~February 20th-26th:

10% of Strongwater Botanical Cocktail Bitters & Shrubs purchases this week will be donated to support American Rivers.

Using wildflowers, herbs, roots, fruits & barks, these herbal distillates have a medicinal past~ what you create with them is up to you! With convictions in fair trade & sustainable agriculture, Strongwater brings the best ingredients masterfully mixed up in the Rocky Mountains.

We wish you to visit often to witness what good people do to heal the harms which other men create. Weekly, we'll feature a different brand & effort. Please take a moment to learn about AMERICAN RIVERS. Support them directly if you are so moved.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

All of our producers value our environment and are inspired by their crafts.  5% of your purchases will be donated to each maker's cause of choice in an effort to keep the good going. We believe you'll enjoy learning about all of the heartwarming efforts as much as we have.


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