In 1982, the first children's house near the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center opened its doors, able to welcome 21 families at a time. Now, the facility can house 78 families, all with critically ill children.

RMH connects people who are sharing a similar fight. They provide convenient shelter, home-cooked meals, and experienced care. They make smiles happen in the most unlikely places.

Our Ohio-based antique source immediately asked if we'd share a portion of your purchases with this devoted crew. It's very easy to see how their work holds a special place in the hearts of the Old Stuff collectors. Please take a moment to watch the above video and contribute to them directly if you so choose.


We wish for you to visit often as we share a different brand feature and a cause that that brand supports each week. We think you'll feel as good as we do when learning about the good things humans are doing to combat the evils that others commit.



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Evil Eye Mercantile wants to be a permanent brick & mortar community general store! Until then: watch for us at local markets and events throughout Chicago!




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Old Stuff

for: Ronald Mcdonald house of Cincinnati

We'll donate 10% from your purchases of these timeless treasures to comfort families in their time of need.


We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.


To add to the ambience of our old general store, we wanted to provide you with usable goods straight out of the past. Most everything found was from a couple of collectors in Ohio. It's all vintage stock found in new condition! Everything from the side-eye gazes of Victorian women in Maud Stumm prints salvaged from a closed museum basement, to long-stretching bobbi pins straight out of the 1920s, to advertising-printed folding yard sticks from 1911! Charm and function!



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